Halley White Pediatric Dentistry Wilmington, NC

Halley White Pediatric Dentistry Wilmington, NC

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dental Surgery at NHRMC...Dr. Halley Operates once a Week

Treatment in the Ambulatory Surgical Unit (ASU) at New Hanover Regional Medical Center

Dr. White is fortunate to have privileges to treat children in the hospital with general anesthesia. After reviewing your child’s medical history and treatment plan, it may be appropriate to recommend treatment in the hospital. Children with severe anxiety and/or the inability to cooperate are candidates for general anesthesia. These children may be young or have special medical needs. Extensive treatment needs that cannot be handled in the conventional office setting may also be scheduled at the hospital. Dr. Halley completes these procedures under the supervision of the anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists at New Hanover Regional Medical Center. Nancy St. Onge, RDH, Treatment Coordinator for Dr. Halley arranges the hospital schedule and is always happy to answer any questions regarding this treatment option. When Dr. Halley visits the hospital four times a month she is assisted by one of her dental assistants. Ashley, Tiffany and our newest team member, Jessica, rotate throughout the OR and enjoy the change of pace. After treatment, children are scheduled for a follow-up visit to check on their progress. We are fortunate to be able to offer this treatment option to some of our patients and enjoy partnering with NHRMC to achieve positive results.

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  1. It's nice to hear the news about Dr. Halley. I'm glad that more children can now have a good dental care. In Raleigh, cosmetic dentists are also that willing to help. They organize several visits to communities and help patients in terms of (Raleigh) cosmetic dentistry. Well, this is the season to help and be grateful.