Halley White Pediatric Dentistry Wilmington, NC

Halley White Pediatric Dentistry Wilmington, NC

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Baby Teeth...Whats the Big Deal?

“Baby teeth don’t really matter; they are going to fall out anyway.” Does this sound familiar to you? Perhaps you have even thought it yourself. The truth is, however, that baby teeth are more than just space holders for “grown up” teeth. Primary teeth play a vital role in a child’s health and development including aiding in digestion and helping a child learn to speak properly.
Dr. Keith Morley, pediatric dental specialist and president of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, states, “Most of these first teeth, apart from the front ones, will be there for a decade – and keeping them healthy is essential for your child’s adult teeth to grow in healthy and strong. If your child’s baby teeth are left to decay, they can become infected or abscessed. In addition to causing pain and suffering, infections can harm and even destroy the developing permanent teeth which are growing in the child’s jaw. Plus, early loss of baby teeth can lead to the permanent teeth growing in crooked – and no one should discount how psychologically important an attractive smile is to a growing child. Therefore, baby teeth are essential for your child’s general health and well-being.”
Ashley Coppedge, dental assistant for Halley White Pediatric Dentistry may have said it best, “I look at baby teeth as training wheels for permanent teeth. They are very important for holding space while permanent teeth erupt and teaching children to take care of them is the best way to ensure healthy adult teeth.”

For more information on the importance of your child’s primary teeth and for suggestions on ways to keep them healthy, visit the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry’s website at www.aapd.org.


  1. Thanks for the info. These are the things that my (Hendersonville, TN) dentist told us last week when my wife and I brought our baby to the dentist as he got his very first tooth. He said that the baby teeth is the basic foundation of a good set of teeth, so it needs early dental care. He recommended a toothpaste for our child to use every morning and evening, especially after eating sweet snacks. My wife and I want to pass on to our children the importance of having good oral health.

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